Today consumers watch video from the web – a lot of it. Today consumers watch traditional TV media, a lot of it. Shouldn’t they come together? Consumers think so and so do we.


Cloud based tool provides easy creation and control of digital asset collections to quickly create relevant and personalized video experiences.


The tools to manage users, content, the interactions between them and the analytics to power meaningful video experiences.


Rich API set enables operators to create, curate, and present new OTT video experiences in existing and new clients.



Providing easy creation and control of digital assets, Composer allows you to quickly create relevant and personalized video experiences targeted to any demographic, in any region, across any theme.

Want a collection of web videos related to fitness and targeted to millennials? we can do that.

Want a set of related web videos for every live show in your program guide? we have you covered.

Want to curate music videos from the web into playable genre based channels? want those to be hyper personalized…we make that easy!


The orchestration engine provides the tools to manage users, content, the interactions between them and the analytics to power meaningful, compelling, and personalized video experiences.

1. User Management – user accounts, sub accounts, associated parental controls, authentication, single sign-on and content package assignment are all managed within accounts.
  • Subscriber management
  • Parental controls
  • Single sign-on

2. Content Management – content is organized and curated into unified packages that are device and player aware powering unified content experiences
  • Ingest/DAC/packaging
  • Device management
  • Player management
  • Multi-DRM
  • Metadata normalization
  • Unified search

3. Interaction – personalized content and experiences driven from content engagement from disparate content sources and social interactions
  • Personalization
  • Social integration
  • Notification messaging
  • Ad management

4. Analytics – details of how users interact across content sources and social engagement feed personalization and targeted advertising
  • DAC profile
  • Content engagement
  • User engagement
  • Social profile


Leveraging a rich set of APIs operators can create, curate, and present new augmented OTT video experiences in their existing environment and clients.

1. RESTful APIs
Enhance existing client application or create new applications leveraging a comprehensive set of api’s.

streamlined integration with operator’s existing OSS/BSS are done through a broad set of operational APIs.

Creating media brands to connect with audiences

aioTV is redefining the modern media company by empowering innovative operators with the technology to create and offer video media brands to connect with online audiences.

An application designed for families with young children that offers content from Disney, PBS, Nick Jr and National Geographic.

A Video app for Millennials, offering best-in-class content tailored to your preferences.

A freely available curated online video experience enabling search and discovery of preferred content.

Enhanced Grid
Merging broadcast TV grid guide and relevant online video content into a single intuitive user experience.



Kids is a media brand designed for families with young children. Kids offers content from networks and publishers including children’s content from Disney, PBS, Nick Jr and National Geographic.

aioTV powers the custom developed kids experience with the curation of clips and entire episodes from TV shows, kids authentication, and parental controls helping parents safely navigate and manage the multitude of online content offered to their children.


Millennials are the modern tech enthusiasts that crave content that speaks to them. Millennials offers the best-in-class content in a production and design that does not exist elsewhere in digital media.

The aioTV cloud based Composer and Orchestration Engine power seamless access to multi-sourced video content and the API’s enable the most personalized entertainment app ever created.




Cuyte (pronounced “cute”) is a curated online video experience offering consumers a better way to discover and enjoy the most valuable multi-sourced Internet video in a single experience on the devices they want.

aioTV is the cornerstone for cuyte combining data-driven multi-sourced content aggregation with 2-way social interplay delivering a shareable relevant consumer experience.

Enhanced Grid

Consumers are challenged with an increasing number of choices to access content they want within and outside of traditional multichannel video. Enhanced Grid merges the broadcast TV grid guide with relevant OTT and TVE content delivering a unified user experience in a single comfortable visually consistent space.

The aioTV API’s augment the linear program guide with relevant and personalized OTT and TVE content using data-driven multi-sourced content aggregation with transparent authentication delivering a more valuable relevant grid experience.